Glen Andrew

Preserved in Perpetuity through Partnership and Purpose

Sustain and Retain a forest for your Grandchildren


Leave a Legacy of Stewardship of the Land. READ THE PLEDGE

Our Partnership is to preserve this land as a resource for higher purpose work, providing a site for non-profit groups, service organizations, spiritual gatherings.

United by desire and commitment to improving our communities, our organizations, and ourselves, the Glen Andrew LLC owns and operates this 84 acre Timber Ranchland to assure our children’s children’s children will have trees, ponds, mountains and adventures in a natural setting.

The Partnership assures Glen Andrew will continue as:

  • A site for the initiation of our youth
  • A retreat where we can listen to the trees
  • A sanctuary for drumming and dancing until dawn
  • A close, yet private, campsite for families and friends

Read the pledge to get to get a clear idea of how you can help today.